Re-thinking the role of Government in a COVID and post-COVID world

Ada’s List asked me to join the headline panel on the second day of their 5th Annual Ada’s List Conference. The topic was ‘Re-thinking the role of Government in a COVID and post-COVID world’ and I was joined by the amazing Martha Lane Fox, Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, Dr. Ronda Železný-Green and Kajal Odedra. It was humbling to be asked to join such an impressive group of women discussing such an important topic.

If you’re unfamiliar with Ada’s List, it’s an online network of women in tech, which launched in London in 2013 due to the systemic inequities the founders were seeing develop and being perpetuated in the tech industry. They wanted to bring women in tech together, and they’ve succeeded – there are 7,500 of us from all over the globe on the network now!

During the panel discussion we looked at the huge movements that took the world by storm in 2020, especially during Covid lockdowns like the BLM protests that started in the US but reverberated around the world. Was this the year we hit our activism peak? And why were we so empowered to take action? And what should governments do now to respond to our new found voice, for some? 

To learn more about the event and the panel I was on, please visit:

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