One year anniversary: This blog and the Gender & Mobile/Learning newsletter!

Editors’ note on our first anniversary issue
When we first started this journey in 2012, we intended to focus on gender issues and mobile learning. As time went on, and an alarmingly low number of items on the subject were found, we expanded the scope to ‘mobile/learning’, signifying that issues related to mobile computing more broadly were worth learning about.
Now on the occasion of the newsletter’s first year anniversary, our readership is well over 100 people and we look forward to growing our base of support. We encourage you to continue sharing the newsletter with potential interested parties. In parallel, please also share any articles, blogs, research, and/or opinion pieces you think might enrich the content shared. Much work remains to be done in raising awareness on this topic. We hope that you will continue contributing support in what is sometimes referred to as a niche area of ICT4D. Without you, none of this would be possible, so we thank you deeply.

With warm holiday wishes,
Ronda Zelezny-Green and Alexandra Tyers

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