December 2014 Gender & Mobiles Newsletter now available!

The December 2014 issue of the Gender & Mobile/Learning Newsletter is now available! You may access the newsletter on the web by clicking this link.

In this issue, I was very honored to have long time supporter and collaborator Merel Van der Woude of Butterfly Works contribute a blog post about their new app “Oh my body” which is being released in Senegal.

Oh my body app screenshot

Oh my body app screenshot

The design approaches taken by Butterfly Works are often talked about but rarely realized in practice – or with meaningful outputs – like this app; I think it will be a great tool for young women in Senegal. Definitely check this out if you’re interested in learning about an mHealth app with an educational slant.

A big difference in this issue is that we have redesigned the layout! We hope you will find it a bit easier to read and, as always, that the content is exactly what you want to receive from us. If it’s not, please let me know and do also feel free to make a contribution. We would be happy to feature work or people in gender and mobiles that has you excited!


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